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This Week in Congress: Trying to Avoid Another Shutdown, Public Lands Management, and Confirming Barr as Attorney General
by Countable
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  • Michelle
    Voted Apathetic

    The Congress is once again at an impasse on the 'wall' funding. I am with the majority of the country in that the funding should be used to the greatest advantage, i.e. immigration reform, smart tech for border security, repair of structures that have already been built, the monitoring of visas for expiration dates, etc. And make the DACA kids permanent residents, for goodness sake. Make the amount to fund a realistic one, and get this off the public debate. This has got to stop. There are too many urgent issues that need to be addressed by Congress. Deny Barr as AG. Keep investigating Whittaker. Stonewall the narcissist in the WH. Move on and think about 2020, and keep the faith.

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