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Top 10 Policy Fights that EDF Is Watching In 2019
by Environmental Defense Fund
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  • Glowurm

    It should be illegal to hire people to head an agency that they have been critical of. If they have been known to lobby against, or object to the tenets of agencies we hold dear, they should be prohibited from even being considered. Whitaker and Wheeler are prime examples. Let’s not forget Zinke, Pruitt, Mnuchin, Kavanaugh, Gorsuch and way too many others. This needs to stop. Especially when it comes to the Justice Dept. and the EPA. Dealing with climate change is beyond serious. Mercury, methane, lead and air toxin rules need to stay in place. So do clean car standards. We must not censor the science from those who are respected experts. Toxic chemicals need to continue to be banned. Banking regulations should not be relaxed or removed. The President should not be campaigning on our time and dime! He spends so little time on his duties as it is! A sitting President should be banned from campaigning until, at least, three months before an election. He gets enough coverage, daily, as it is. As you blind fools should be able to see from the above, the orange pig and his ilk care nothing about the air we breathe; the water we drink; the poisons they allow to be fed to the animals we eat; the spraying of dangerous chemicals on our fruits and vegetables; the pollution from oil and coal; protections from banks; earthquakes from fracking - just to name a few. All to increase the bottom line of their corporate donors and themselves. There is no mention of education, healthcare, infrastructure, humane immigration, etc. That’s the pig and Repugnants for you.

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