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Top 10 Policy Fights that EDF Is Watching In 2019
by Environmental Defense Fund
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  • Sharon

    Andrew Wheeler is unfit for the position he is nominated to fill on ethical grounds. This man has spent years in advocating for the coal industry. It is unlikely that he will be able to assume an entirely objective stance. Please do not support this nomination. Please do support legislation to counteract the human activities driving climate change, to protect our public lands, and to reverse the damage to biodiversity. You are stewards of our public lands, much like the executor of an estate, and should be honoring your responsibility to protect the land that has been set aside for appreciation by people now and in the future. Please stop the giveaway, leasing, or otherwise exploiting and damaging of our natural inheritance on shore and in our waters. Please support the development of sustainable/renewable green energy resources, farming technology, transportation, and other solutions to our deteriorating climate. Please stop the weakening of rules related to toxic chemicals and gasses such as mercury and methane. Please stop censoring science for political, financial or other self-interested reasons. Censorship is the tool of autocrats and oligarchs. It has no place in a democracy when it comes to science and health-related research.

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