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9 States Have Adopted 'Red Flag' Gun Seizure Laws During the Year After the Parkland Shooting
by Axios
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  • Michael
    Voted No

    It was found that 30 school officials failed to respond to warnings given by students. The Assistant Principal told one female student that she should Google autism and be more tolerant when she voiced concern. The FBI has also said that they failed to properly handle the threat when it was elevated to them. There are Gun laws in effect. The issue is they are not being followed completely. There should be focus on the proper execution and obeyment of current gun laws and accountability to those who allow loopholes or fail to take threats seriously accountable. If there are laws on the books there is no need for further legislation, that was the same defense the senator from Washington used to kill the bill on late abortion survivor protection earlier this week. STOP the HYPOCRISY

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