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It Shouldn't Be So Hard to Care. Let's Disrupt Politics.
by Countable
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  • NoHedges

    I am happy to share any posts that address the abysmal state for which we, America, provides, protects, and/or plans for this nation’s children. Beyond that, I do not hold out much hope for our democracy. History has proven that no society, culture, or nation survives 4 generations of continual neglect and the widespread abandonment of societal protections for children. America’s fourth generation should be here in less than 5 years, our birth rate continues to fall, and the only sustained concern I have witnessed from any of our elected officials is a concern for the welfare of 2 undocumented children during the month of December. Point of interest....or concern... around 100 American children died during the month of December due to neglect/abuse, but I don’t recall any media coverage of these children. Do you?

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