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It Shouldn't Be So Hard to Care. Let's Disrupt Politics.
by Countable
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  • RjGoodman

    Folks, maybe I am misunderstanding you, but in case I’m not, it’s not Countable that leans left, it’s that the majority of the members lean left. You members on the right have several alternatives. You can quit playing the victim and continue to up your game. You can recruit more folks. You have some folks who post very well thought out, organized and respectful. They don’t whine about MAGA or BUILD THE SILLY WALL. They think about the requirements and work from there. I like those folks. I am one of the few moderates left in America. I follow folks from the left. Right & Center. I get aggravated by whining, playing the victim and being disrespectful to others. This group of people are better than that. Respond to the message, not how it is presentation. Rant over.

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