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It Shouldn't Be So Hard to Care. Let's Disrupt Politics.
by Countable
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  • Laurie

    Is this supposed to be Countable being “constructive and welcoming”? This app is biased so far to the left, it is ridiculous. The way questions are worded, lumping issues together. It is disingenuous & destroys the value of the app. Countable should be impartial so that it may actually be a benefit to American citizens as well as be a viable tool. For Andrea to have spent that much time being a journalist on politics, she sure hasn’t seemed to learn from it. Perhaps her time would be better spent on the history of socialism and communism and how many countries they have destroyed and the lives that have been lost because of them. I care deeply for my country and it’s founding principles. I understand why our founder’s created the Constitution the way they did. It is disgraceful that anyone would accuse American patriots of not loving their country because they don’t want it destroyed by tried and failed socialist/communist agendas. It is because I care that I will never find that acceptable for future generations. Leftists are not progressive, they are regressive and many don’t even understand it.

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