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This Week in Congress: Middle East Policy & Giving Vets Cost-Free Child Care During VA Appointments
by Countable
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  • NoHedges
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    Yes on the social good for vets, with the caveat that it be expands to provide equity for other at risk populations. It is becoming quite clear democrats only view children as a popularity boost, Dems for all their “outrage” have done nothing to protect the estimated 132 American children who have died in 2019 due to abuse and/or neglect. The special interest policies need to stop. A single-mother with two children earning the federal minimum wage of $7.25 per hour needs to work 135 hours per week, nearly the equivalent of working 24 hours per day for 6 days, to earn a living wage, This is unacceptable, the federal minimum wage is a killing our economic recovery and increasing the inequities. We can’t fund social security, or schools, because the % collected from 43% of this nation is so low that there is literally nothing left over. Poverty must be stopped. Make corporations pay a livable wage instead just blowing it on stock buybacks and insider trading.

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