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Shutdown Countdown: 5 Days – Trump Lashes Out at Dems for ‘Brand New Demand’ in Border Security Talks
by Countable
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  • Catherine
    Voted No

    The Congress and the Senate need to pass a budget that does not take into account paying for a wall on the Mexican border. After the budget is passed then and only then should discussions and negotiations about what kind of security we need on the Mexican border and if we need more of it. We need to remove the military presence and we need to have an adult discussion about what we actually do need on the Mexican border and how to deal with the illegal immigrants in a Humane manner. No discussions about any kind of wall should take place until a budget is passed. No discussions on spending more money on the Mexican border security until a budget is passed. Do not let Trump hold this country hostage to his paranoia xenophobia and greed. We do not need another shut down and we do not need to discuss financing for border security until we have passed a budget. Trump is the president he does not run this country. If he did we would be living in a dictatorship. So to avoid the United States of America becoming a dictatorship we need follow the normal Democratic processes of voting a budget into place and then negotiating about additional funding. Personally considering how far into debt the Republicans have run this country with their tax cuts for the rich and corporations I personally don't believe we should be spending $1 more on border security or Trump's trips to his golf courses. Or to his trips or his family's trips to anywhere. The GOP who is supposed to be the fiscally responsible party needs to stand up to Trump and if he vetoes a budget override it and keep the government open.

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