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Do You Support Legislation Banning Late-Term Abortion?
by Countable
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  • Catherine
    Voted No

    This is a non-issue. Late term abortions are absolutely minimal little over a percent of all abortions. Late-term abortions also are normally performed for medically valid reasons in the cases of fetuses that are not going to be viable and in cases of risk to the mother's health. The decisions regarding abortions should remain between a woman and her doctor. No one including the governor who was quoted is advocating infanticide. There are already laws in place dictating how medical personnel are to take care of patients. This is just another fear-mongering tactic of GOP fanatics he thinks they will gain more support and more power from appealing to people who are opposed to abortion. This is all I have to say to those people who are opposed to abortion. We all know it is not the best choice nor is it the first choice but if you are truly opposed to abortion then you should be fighting the real problem which is unwanted pregnancy. You should be proponents of birth control and adoption. I would feel better about anti-abortionist if I had ever heard of a single adoption agency run by anti-abortionists. The problem is not abortion the problem is unwanted pregnancies. Regardless of what your religious beliefs are you have to support at the very least sex education and the religious and moral positions of your religion. Otherwise for the rest of us who are a little less indoctrinated by religious organizations we need to support free access to birth control and I do not mean condoms. Free access to longer-term birth control methods like implants and shots. And we need to support an advocate for options for pregnant women who do not want to have a child. If you are anti-abortion fine. But fight the problem not the symptom. Make sex education available earlier and regularly in schools make birth control methods easily accessible and free for women and men. Also continue Research into a male contraceptive other than a condom. And of course educate educate educate on the consequences of the choices that young people make that can lead to pregnancy or venereal diseases. The only way to end abortions or at least minimize them to medically necessary abortions is to fight the actual problem which is unwanted pregnancies. Which if the people who are anti-abortion would do they would have allies among the pro-choice advocates. In fact it would mean that both pro-life and pro-choice Advocates were fighting the same battle.

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