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Trump: ‘America Will Never Be a Socialist Country’ - Do You Share Trump’s Hope?
by Countable
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  • Catherine
    Voted No

    We are already trending to be a socialist country considering how hard the Republicans are trying to hold on to their power and extend it. Through through gerrymandering and other methods. The poles that you were taking here on countable show that a majority of the population do not want these things that Trump and the Republicans are proposing for the most part. We cannot let one party become too powerful or we are a socialist country. We actually need to encourage the establishment and growth of additional parties so that were no longer a two party system and we can have more constructive debates with more points of view. We also need to change some of the rules. Term limits for senators and congressmen. A mandatory retirement age for senators and congressmen. Term limits for people to serve as the head of the senate or the head of the Congress. We also desperately desperately need to get money out of politics. And that is money from all sources. Are American government is supposed to be working for the population for the citizens of America not the corporations not the special interests not the churches please remember separation of church and state. And not the Fanatics. We need to embrace our diversity and we need to expand it to our legislation. And we need to think carefully about Trump's agenda. He has broken off or damaged relations with our neighbors and our allies while trying to build better relationships with our enemies or those people who do not believe in the values that we do like Russia and North Korea and China. We need to be building relationships with all countries to try and make this a United world not just a bunch of countries pursuing their own interests. Yes I know that is a dream that is unrealistic at this time and I will not see it in my lifetime. But I do believe firmly it is something that we should start working towards. Trump is trying to alienate us from the countries that we have good relationships with through NATO through the United Nations and treaties with adversarial countries 2 to control the growth of nuclear weapons etc etc etc. Remember this is not a Christian country. Our Founders did not want one religion in this country. We have freedom of religion and we need to maintain freedom of religion and the diversity of freedom of religion and the diversity of peoples races cultures and beliefs that immigration has given us. Immigration built this country it will not destroy this country. We need to stop trying to stop people who need our help from coming into this country. I apologize to everyone for the rambling response

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