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The DC: More troops headed to the border, and... 🗳 Should Election Day be a holiday?
by Countable
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  • Leslie

    Our Intel community has not highlighted the border of Mexico as a crisis hotspot. So I would defer to their rational, considered objective reasoning as to where our troops should be deployed. Syria for instance. Trump declaring the Mexican border as a crisis comes off as a political hissy fit. I do really question Trump’s fitness for office. He is acting like a petulant monarch who’s drunk with his own power and is more than a little off his nut. He by his own admission consults himself and it seems TV pundits to make decisions. People who actually study the facts and monitor what’s unfolding in various regions of the world don’t seem to impress him if they disagree with his “opinion” or his political aims. We’re looking foolish every day by allowing this to go on and my representatives are in a unique position to be the ballast to Trump’s reckless behavior. I see a glimmer in both houses that its members are developing their muscles, and asserting their power in combating the craziness that we’re becoming inured to. I hope to see more pushback from them. We need to be protected. Not from Mexico, but from Trump’s judgment.

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