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Trump: ‘We Will Build a Human Wall If Necessary’
by Countable
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  • Jean
    Voted No

    The fact that the whole Intelligence Authorities spoke on what threats we are facing and NOT ONE, NOT ONE MENTIONED That we have a CRISIS AT OUR MOST SOUTHERN BOARDER. Don’t you think that if there was The kind of threat that we needed to ACTUALLY DEPLOY OUR MILITARY THEY, I mean THEY WOJLD BE ON TOP OF THAT? However, you have the so called President of the United States who has given the scenario of a Hollywood Movie of what’s happening at the boarder and neglecting and calling OUR OWN INTELLIGENCE WRONG! Then I am definitely not for sending any of our troops to the boarder. I’m not naive and neither is millions of Americans. We know those who are coming aren’t all innocent however, the portrayal of THOUSANDS UPON THOUSANDS OF TERRORISTS ARE HEADING THIS WAS? ENOUGH ALREADY! I know my Oklahoma Senators probably won’t read this or even care because Senator Inhoffe and Senator Lankford are in lockstep with good old Putin’s Puppet. However, I will send this and I will continue to state my opinion and I will continue to fight for this country. This administration is compromised and corrupt and until they’re held accountable and the GOP that continues to enable him is held responsible or gone I will be a part of #TheResistance


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