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Pelosi Remains Democratic Leader, Student Loan Forgiveness, Trump Appointments and More You Missed In Politics Today
by Countable
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  • Dee

    I am one of the many Americans which will benefit from the loan forgiveness program. I have based many long term life decisions on this program and the repayment schedule that is mandated by FedLoans. After 4 years of on time payments my family would financially be devastated if this agreement was not upheld on the part of the Department of Education. My family would be thrown into a situation that would set us back for ten plus years. My now children would be punished unfairly since all family spending would virtually be driven to a stop. I had taken a lower paying non for profit position to qualify for this government program. I pray that myself and others whom are in this anxiety ridden position are not faced with regret concerning the decision to serve our community and trusting our own government. Please do not allow the US to turn its back on the hard working public.


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