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How Does the Electoral College Work?
by Countable
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    The Elector College, in its original design: to guard against those who are ill equipped for the office of the President, those whom would attempt to, buy their way to the Presidency, and those whom are beholding to other countries, whether that be in affections or in monetary status. Electors themselves are supposed to be the most educated, discerning, and forthright in our public. To ensure that those whom do not have the best interest of the United States of America or our democracy, not be allowed in to the highest office of the land. However, it failed! As did our states, by setting laws that inhibits the electors to vote for the most qualified candidate to be President. That is how the Elector College is suppose to act, work, and it was designed. And thus, to ensure "We the people of the United States..." survive. Now, the Electoral college works, in some places, electors are voted in by their respective political parties, Governors, or by the Election boards of each state ( by the party, that is in charge). Those selected, in most states, are required by state laws to vote by the results of their states popular vote.

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