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Pence: Criticism of Wife’s Job at Anti-LGBT Christian School ‘Deeply Offensive to Us’
by Countable
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  • Franklin
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    Of course people can have their own opinions, dislikes and likes. As a private citizen Pence's wife has a right to support the businesses and charities she chosen. However, she is not just any private citizen..she is the wife of the VP. As part of being in this position she should be a positive roll model for the next generation. Kids have it hard enough to deal with all the stresses of daily life, but any organization that chooses to discriminate against others has no place in our society. Not only should she not be working at such a school but the school should not even have a license to be running as a school. Discrimination is wrong and anyone who attends or supports such schools that discriminate are as guilty as the school itself.


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