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$11 Toothbrushes: Do We Need Price Controls at Private Immigration Detention Centers?
by Countable
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  • Chickie
    Voted Yes

    First, let’s call these for profit detention centers by what they really are, concentration camps. Secondly, we shouldn’t be using camps, PERIOD! They’re contractors who follow their own rules. If they are charging $11 for toothbrushes, fire them for price grouching; then get down to business and overhaul our immigration system. Separating babies from their parents, placing families in nothing better than concentration camps is in itself a crime. The U.S. has thousands of churches who file as non-profits. Gather the leaders of chuches and have them involved in sponsoring the asylum seekers. This will save money from hiring for profit camps. As well as providing compassion to people who have come from horrific situations. All we have done is taken human beings and treating them as cattle. Herding then into for profit camps where they are held behind bars, electrical fencing; babies separated from their parents. Come on! We are the United States of America ~ not the Bozo-in-Chief Reality show, where dysfunction rules, hatred is served up like mashed potatoes smothered in racist vitriol. We are so much better than what we have become.

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