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PG&E Bankruptcy and Wildfire Liability: Time to End Government-Sanctioned Monopolies?
by Countable
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  • Delmar
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    Back in 1983, the government broke up AT&T because it was a monopoly and so Ma Bell broke up. Then in 1996, the Telecommunications act that Bill Clinton administration put together and let competition between the baby bells start but instead they bought each other and is now what we have again as a monopoly because of AT&T buying up all of the baby bells and now it's back to high prices and little innovation coming from the telecommunications sector! This also snuffed out any competition between the rest of the bells and its now that AT&T and Direct TV and Time Warner have been bought and merged it makes it even more so that no competition for services. So yes we need to break up all monopolies to prthis from happening again

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