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Here Are the Obama Executive Orders Trump Is Likely to Repeal
by Countable
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  • Glenn

    All of Obamas executive orders that were unconstitutional should be destroyed, especially Obama Care (the ACA), all it has done is hurt small business, raise premiums, give people bad healthcare that once had good healthcare, make health care unorganized, and mandated federally is unconstitutional. I've never met one person it supposedly has helped, low income don't use it because they can afford the fine, and the only people whom support it are white liberals who don't use it. If it does hurt anyone, Obama is to blame for giving these people something he knew could be overturned, Trump is not to blame for that, overturning Obama Care and the federal mandate will help the majority of most middle class Americans, help small business, lower premiums, and allow us to find a better solution that is also constitutional. My health insurance has sky rocketed since Obama Care came out. Some companies had to stop offering healthcare to part time employees because of the ACA. Overturning the ACA alone will make Trumps Presidency worth while. The rhetoric that it's helping people or affordable is a joke, it may help a small minority but the majority is suffering under the law.

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