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Shutdown News: Trump Holding Off on Declaring National Emergency 'Right Now' for Border Wall
by Countable
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  • Jean
    Voted No

    This is another chaotic mess he’s made since he’s been in office. There’s many to be listed. One is how he handled the Hurricane in Puerto Rico just as an example. We have thousand of children being held in concentration camps, separated at the boarder from their parents. The parents were deceived and deported while their children are still here probably to never see their parents again. Traumatized and to grow up with issues that will be our faults. Once we gain custody of anyone in that manner they become our responsibility. How chaotic is that! I wouldn’t think to highly of a country who did that to me as I grew up. Now this self made crisis by our own president who thinks that shutting down the southern boarder might be a good idea for him to do however, since he has had so much outrage wants someone else to do it for him. Well, Senators.l? Are you going to do some more of his bidding with MITCH? I hope you’re smarter than that however, I guess we’ll have to wait and see because, my two Senators are in lockstep with his every whim. Lankford and Inhoffe where is your courage to stand up and NOT LET this happen? We’re watching.


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