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Giuliani: Trump’s Team Should Be Able to ‘Correct’ Mueller Report – Do You Agree?
by Countable
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  • Ronald
    Voted Yes

    Basic American Justice is denied to Everyone Touched by these "Special Counsel Investigations". Certainly Trump, and Anyone else accused in these Unjust "Star Chamber Tribunals" deserves to git his side of the story out. Every American is Innocent until proven Guilty. Accused does not count. Repeal this law. It did not work against Nixon, Clinton and it will not work against Trump. No President has been successfully Impeached. We Republications should not have Tried Against Clinton. Only the Honor of Nixon caused his resignation. There are no more politicians in any party with half of Nixon's Honor. Stop the Witch hunt. Work on The real interference in Our Voting system. Every Legal Citizen deserves one, and only one vote. No Illegal deserves a vote in Any Election.

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