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The DC: Should Congress defend Obamacare? and... 💻 We're hiring an engineer
by Countable
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  • Caren

    No, no, no to saving Obamacare! THAT garbage should have NEVER been passed to begin with! The ONLY thing that should be salvaged from Obamacare is mandates for insurance to cover preexisting illnesses. I am fine with the President calling for a State of Emergency for the wall to be built. I have an idea: figure out who are registered Democrats and charge them only for any illegal immigrant receiving healthcare or receiving government assistance. Better yet, mandate any Democrat advocating for illegals to be here that THEY must take them in indefinitely and provide for them until they acquire a job and housing on their own. They must learn their language and they are required to pay for any damages or crimes any one of them might commit even if it includes jail time. Get with the program and BUILD THE WALL!

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