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Michael Cohen to Testify Publicly Before Congress on Feb. 7
by Axios
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  • Chickie
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    Although at times truth is not a politicians forte, this administration has taken lying to a level all by itself. The entitlement shown by #45 and his administration is a slap in the face of those who deserve the truth. As the unraveling continues, #45 hourglass is running on empty. Along with the testaments of a number of those who worked for then candidate #45, as well as those who were in his administration, the Mueller investigation has proof to back up the statements made about the dishonesty, criminal acts and any connections with Russia. The closer #45 is to the fire, the more outlandish his Tweets and actions. You can be sure part of #45’s grandstanding on the topic of The Wall, is to blow smoke about to obscure the eminent fall from the pedestal #45 has set himself upon.

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