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Does the U.S. need to Ban Religious Slaughtering Practices?
by Countable
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  • Catherine
    Voted No

    From what I've read the method of stunning animals before slaughtering them is not always effective because of the speed with which we passed the animals through the slaughter Chutes and inadequate training of the workers. Yes I would like to see all food animals killed painlessly. However I would also like to see them living inhumane and clean conditions before they are sent to slaughter. I don't think that our animal producers always maintain sanitary conditions in the raising of animals and I don't think that we always practice Humane methods of slaughtering animals. I know that kosher slaughtering rules provide for a cleaner more sanitary product so I think that we should investigate these methods more thoroughly before we decide on Banning what is essentially religious practice. We should look at making our own methods of food animals more sanitary and humane. We should also look at making our produce handling processes more sanitary.

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