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Does the U.S. need to Ban Religious Slaughtering Practices?
by Countable
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  • BlueSphere

    How are the animals taken care of before they die? What is their quality of life? Are they raised humanely? Are they content and happy? Do they get to be outside with the herd and socialize and forage, or are they raised in factories? Whether they receive a bolt (or shock) through their brain or a knife to their throat, both methods are breathtaking in their violence. While humans continue to eat animals and follow religious practices, there will always be a debate and no easy answer to the question of how to kill “humanely.” Until then, can we ALL agree that the animals should be raised humanely? I don’t think it’s asking too much. I’m not a religious person, but I believe that when you eat an animal that has suffered in life you consume their sorrow. Let’s keep sorrow, theirs and ours, to a minimum, please.

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