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Trump Formally Nominates Andrew Wheeler to Head EPA
by Axios
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  • Chickie
    Voted Oppose

    Wheeler’s nomination for heading up the EPA to replace Scott Pruitt, will be going from bad to worse. Wheeler’s last job was as an energy lobbyist; his biggest client? Murray Energy Corp. MEC is proud to say it’s the largest coal mining company in the US. Right after #45 took office, MEC’s CEO Murray, presented VP Bobble Head Pence with a pro-coal plan that would do away with the Clean Power Plan, endorsed the US to pull out of the Paris Climate Agreement, eliminating federal tax credits for renewable energy and cutting the EPA personnel by half. Wheeler was VP of the WCC, (Washington Coal Club), whose sole focus was to promote preservation of the dirtiest fossil fuel, coal. To add the cherry on top of Wheeler’s extensive pro-anything that destroys our air, water, lands and wildlife resume, he also lobbied the Department of Interior for opening parts of Bears Ears National Monument to mine for uranium. Without a shred of proof or scientific backing, Wheeler has openly voiced his opinion that Global Warming is “the greatest hoax” ever. The most virulent climate denier in the Senate, Jim Inhofe, (R-OK), praised Wheeler’s appointment as Deputy to EPA Pruitt, stating, “there is no one more qualified than Andrew, (Wheeler), to help Pruitt to restore the EPA to its proper size and scope”. No surprise being that Wheeler worked as a legislative aide to Inhofe. In short, there is no one LESS qualified (except than Pruitt himself), to lead the EPA than Andrew Wheeler. By approving his nomination, our country will continue to make great strides BACKWARDS in persevering our lands, air, waters, and wildlife. VOTE NO TO ANDREW WHEELER!

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