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The Race to Shape the Green New Deal
by Axios
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  • Milan
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    This is something we need to come together and work out. 70% seems impossible - but make it a more palatable number with progressive tax rate that people can live with. No business or anything else will survive if the planet becomes inhospitable. Whether you believe climate change is human caused or not isn’t even the point. It is happening. We do know for a fact that deforestation takes a heavy toll and continuing to ravage virgin land which is sequestering carbon is nothing if not insane. We know that pollution is at unsustainable levels. We do know that Big Ag is using systems that cannot continue because they are destroying our oceans with their heavy synthetic fertilizers. We know that factory farming is unsustainable - especially in light of more frequent natural disasters that damage the waste systems and release toxic fluid into our drinking water. We know that fossil fuels are releasing carbon into the atmosphere that at the very minimum cause unhealthy air. We have not even addressed the fact that the EPA is allowing pollinator killing pesticides and herbicides into our food supply and threatening the very existence of future production. This is unacceptable. We need a multi pronged approach now - our carbon levels have been rising since Trump game into office - and we should have been leading the world in lowering these.

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