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Trump Threatens to End FEMA Funds for California Wildfires
by Axios
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  • Donna
    Voted Oppose

    FEMA - Federal EMERGENCY Management Agency - was created to provide assistance for Americans affected by REAL disasters. ALL Americans pay taxes to fund this agency and ALL Americans affected are entitled to this aid. Allowing the autocrat-in-practice to begin to determine winners and losers is unconscionable. Why not cut off aid to the people in FL or TX, OK or SC irresponsibly building in areas hit by hurricanes, floods, tornadoes and other NATURAL disasters? Oh yea - because the idiot believes the citizens of those states are worthy as supporters and overwhelmingly GOP-leaning voters. I live in CO, another state pummeled by destructive wildfires (as well as floods and tornadoes) and currently leaning democrat. How soon before the citizens of this state are denied support because we oppose many of the GOP-backed policies? The arrogance, stupidity and bullying of this administration apparently knows no bounds!

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