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Senate Democrats Block Bipartisan Middle East Bill Over Ongoing Shutdown for 3rd Time
by Countable
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  • Surender

    No tin pot dictator (erdogan) would have declined to meet a high level american rep (bolton) in the past. This is simple & ample proof that moron has zero credibility and america has lost its standing. What we have now is just another orange variety of a banana tin pot dictator in the white house worse yet with no fangs (substantive support) just hot air! Moron, his gang, gop, evangelicals, nationalists - mostly comprising the less informed & racist (overt & covert forms) have succeeded in putting America in reverse gear! The Kurds are a proud independent community benign and moderate - looking to live in peace and be productive. When oppressed anyone will defend their lot! Terrorists they are not. They fought valiantly alongside the Americans and now we callously (as typical) cast them to the wolves?

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