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Do Democrats and President Trump Need to Cut a Deal on Border Security Funding?
by Countable
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  • Tami
    Voted No

    We already have funds appropriated for replacing faulty fencing and walls on the border, let's do that first and spend the rest of the billion appropriated last year doing what we all know would best serve the issue: beefing up personnel, giving them new and better technology and equipment, and expanding our detention facilities and legal personnel to manage the asylum seekers and to handle families. There are no 4,000 vicious criminals clamoring at our borders. Intelligent people know this. The "huge caravans of people" that came this year were less than 2,000 and most are still on the Mexico side. Illegal immigration is at an all time low and has been going down for years. Instead of giving Baby Trump a $5b pacifier, how about turning the gov't back on for the federal workers, taking care of our veterans and feeding and taking care of the homeless?


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