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3 Shutdown-Related Bills in Congress Now
by Countable
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  • Donna
    Voted Maybe

    I support two out of three of these bills. I would support all three if the automatic 1% reduction in spending was applied ONLY to the salaries of all Senators and members of the House. It is YOUR JOB to fund the government - any consequence of not so doing should only affect YOU! While employed in the tech industry, I was 'forced' to take two one-month furloughs over a two-year period of time (one week every quarter). I had no say in the decision and unlike the employees currently furloughed by our dysfunctional president, I DID NOT GET BACK PAY. A furlough means a furlough. If you are getting paid for not doing YOUR jobs, why should you appease those forced into this ridiculous situation by 'promising' them back pay? If that was the plan, why not just keep paying them and call it 'vacation' pay? Oh that's right - WE HAVE NO MONEY and thanks to the lost wages and less personal spending, etc., WE WILL HAVE LESS in January. Nice Work!!!!!!! I'm glad you are the paid professionals. I would hate to see the turmoil a group of volunteers could cause.


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