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This Week in Congress: Possible Votes on the Farm Bill & Ending Support for the Saudi Coalition in Yemen
by Countable
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  • Tim
    Voted Apathetic

    Getting stuff done is great and all, but I still can’t for the life of me understand the whole “government shutdown” thing. So my government that my taxes pay for is taking a vacation because the people in my government whose living expenses I pay for can’t decide how to spend my money that I give them? Does this sound reasonable to anyone? At all? Anyone? St that note, anyone think it’s odd that Trump and Co. are always trying to lower taxes before reducing expenses? I know it’s never worked when I decide to get a lower paying job, then decide to reduce my expenses. The government’s become a bit of a joke. Not getting anything done in a timely or responsible manner. I wouldn’t care so much, but like... I was born into this country, I have no choice but to pay taxes. So I exercise one of my few freedoms and choose to say that the government taking my money needs to get their act together and start using it for something useful. The federal debt is still going up, the “preventable death” rate is still going up, the healthcare problem is still a problem. My county government still has corrupt people taking my money, which I still don’t have a say in. It’s time to stop re-electing all the same people. Get some younger people in office, people aren’t established “politicians”. Trump may not be the best president, but at least he gets things done, sure they’re controversial, but he’s done way more in 2 years than Obama ever did in his 8. Obama was a politician, politicians are never in a hurry. They don’t need to work to get paid, they just need to get elected to get paid. Once they’re in office they don’t need to do anything. Elect younger, newer people. Screw experience, the “experienced” people running the government are acting just like politicians have for decades. It’s time to update and modernize the government, starting with the people running it.

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