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Prosecutors Recommend "Substantial" Prison Sentence for Michael Cohen
by Axios
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  • SneakyPete
    Voted No

    The Cohen Sentence According To NY? I’m in agreement that Cohen’s crimes are not related to work he did for President Trump. However, they are significant and he must be held accountable. This was a campaign finance issue. Anyone that had a campaign finance issue in the past needs to join him in prison if this is all of a sudden a crime worthy of prison time. I’m also in agreement that this whole fiasco has been a waste of taxpayer money and we should be due a refund of the money. Is there a special counsel looking into the DNC and Clinton campaign for the real crimes committed! BTW, I don't hear any Russia collusion here. By all means yes someone needs to answer for this time wasting farce! SneakyPete..... 👎🏻👿👎🏻👿👎🏻. 12*8*18.....

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