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Mueller Says Manafort Lied About Contacts With Administration Officials
by Axios
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  • Frank
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    I’m torn. What is going on in politics right now is absolutely unequivocally undeniably wrong on so very many different levels and facets. Very clear strong undeniable message MUST be sent to the people of America that this kind of situation will not be tolerated under any circumstance going forward. Nevertheless, however .... the king pin, ring leader, must be brought down and must serve as an example. (If proven guilty) Trump must be impeached and must serve as harsh a penalty that is possible for his treason, lies, divisive tactics, nepotism, and tainting the honorable respectable position of POTUS. As a matter of obligation trump AS WELL AS his henchmen must be brought to justice. If that means bargaining lesser sentences with the henchmen so be it. But even if it’s just a month in jail they NEED to serve time. Simply as a prerequisite. this can’t stand. We NEED a clean honest respectable intelligent Honorable Transparent government to bring us out of this mess and into the future. If we as a nation were to lean as hard on white collar crime as we do on drug and immigration transgressions, then much of the problems in America will simply work itself out.

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