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Mueller Says Manafort Lied About Contacts With Administration Officials
by Axios
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  • Richard
    Voted No

    Tired of the constant blind anti Trump posts that he is always lying and is a racist and anti-woman. They keep hoping mulier will find something. Then maybe the liberal-democrats would finally shut up. With all the crooked actions by almost all Democrats how can anybody suppirt Obama his administration, Hillary, Pelosi or Chucky Schumer. The current democratic party is totally controlled by radical liberal Democrats and never can bot be accused of honesty and trying to help it's old faithfull followers. Politics and the mass media have been working to divide and again try to get all Americans to return the Dems back to power so they can convert America to the socialistic agenda and support the world government. Just think about that abd all legal American citizens should get togetger in a big, vocal group and eliminate the liberal Democrats and the establishment RINO Republicans. If we can force term limits on all polititions we can then start to again become the freedom loving Americans. I mean all legal citizens with know filtering divisions, everybody should get together in this fight.

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