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Prosecutors Recommend "Substantial" Prison Sentence for Michael Cohen
by Axios
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  • Tyrano
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    When people say “lock up the Clintons”, they’re showing they not only don’t understand how the justice system works but also that they don’t have a firm grasp of reality. Let’s say the Clinton’s committed major crimes that a prosecutor could prove. What happens? They weigh the fact Hillary was First Lady/secretary of state and Bill, the president, against the crimes, factor all that in, and come up with a half assessed sentence that you’d be right to say is unfair because it’s true ... people in power always catch breaks. They’ll never “lock up” a former president, First Lady or anyone whose been in power unless the crimes were so obvious to prove and so awful that a small jail sentence (for show basically) would be recommended. The fact that we haven’t even gotten to that point tells us that they have a hard time proving anything and that this constantly regurgitated narrative is something Fox News and it’s viewers just won’t give up on. But it doesn’t matter because you’re no closer to getting Hillary Clinton in jail now then you were years ago. Now ... let’s imagine for a minute what would have happened if Hillary Clinton would have won the election? Now these “unprovable” and petty crimes take on a whole new meaning ... why? Because she is in a position of power, a position of influence.. and that troubles the intel community. Deeply. You can’t have a president from either party whose beholden to other countries or criminals. But when Trump won (unexpectedly to him as well) he won and lost at the same time. Trump of course knew he and his compadres have a long history of “bending the rules “ to put it mildly. Had trump lost, the result of that would have been most likely negligible. But when he won... he shoved his entire history and that of everyone working around him under a microscope. This freaked people out... they were told this was a guaranteed loss but with massive benefits. They didn’t want to “serve” the people, they wanted some easy cash and publicity. So by winning the election, trumps campaign was thrust into a situation where every move he makes will be scrutinized. And instead of doing the smart thing and keeping his mouth shut, his ego gets the better of him and he can’t stop himself. This is probably because he doesn’t have much history with law enforcement and doesn’t understand just how shitty it is to be on their list. So what happens? Well we know there’s no charges coming for Obama or the Clinton’s ... they’re yesterday’s news... but there’s still the problem of trump having all this influence while not playing by the rules and following the laws. That makes prosecutors want to “teach you a lesson”. Now whether or not Mueller makes an example out of trump is still debatable, but I’d be worried if I were him... because as I said law enforcement really enjoys making an example out of people thumbing their nose at the law, and who more to send that message loudly and clearly to the people then the Intel community brining Hell down on the president himself? So in summation what did we learn here? We learned that if you’re in a position of power and the feds start nosing around you’d better jump ship fast (ie. Jess Sessions, etc) because if you’re still in that position when the come after you, and especially if you get an attitude about it, the law really relishes putting those people in their place. In fact, they live for that situation. So rather than saying “lock her up “, you might as well say it like it is...”thanks a lot of getting us into this quagmire under false pretenses Donald, you’ve literally screwed us all over for your massive ego!”

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