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Prosecutors Recommend "Substantial" Prison Sentence for Michael Cohen
by Axios
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  • Heather
    Voted Yes

    The person who admits guilt and tells what others have done does tend to get consideration when it comes to sentencing. However, these people aren’t lawyers and aren’t lawyers for the President. They also aren’t lying to Congress. Cohen only cooperated after he realized he was in major trouble. With all of these things in mind, he deserves no consideration. He’s almost eligible to be charged with treason. We are always a country of “teaching lessons”. I understand that he is appearing to be the fall guy. Hopefully, he is the first of many others & his sentence is a reflection of what can be expected. We have more people in prison than any other country. We throw people in prison that should be in mental health facilities or rehabs and no one thinks twice. In this case, we have a well paid attorney committing numerous illegal acts for himself and people with great power. He and his fellow conspirators are the true people that deserve to be locked up for a long time. They think they are smarter and have enough money that they can do whatever they want and they need to know that they are not above the law!

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