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Marlboro Parent Company May be Entering Marijuana Market
by High Times
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  • Marty
    Voted Yes

    This is appalling. Keep big tobacco out of cannabis sales. In the US, federal government has determined and decided not to get involved with regulating state cannabis laws. Now that the large $$ numbers are becoming obvious to our government, the cronies are now seeing $’s in their pockets if they assist in big tobacco‘s strength and bullying tactics against the “Small business “. Our country doesn’t have many left . Just monopolies. Keep cannabis, medical or recreational, out of big tobacco hands. I will be watching closely how are you vote sir, as I have since day one. You are not a friend of mine. You are a servant. Remember that. Cannabis saves lives. Cannabis kills cancer. Please educate yourselves because you’re looking like idiots in our state . AND, get the CDC out of my doctors office. Why is my doctor afraid to go to jail? Because he prescribes medications that relieves chronic 24/7 spinal pain.? Again, you are the ones with power and are looking like the most clueless jokers that our state has ever seen. My medications are being taken away from me. But I know through my 12 previous emails & letters, & your worthless preprinted form letters in return, you personally do not care about My early death. If you did, SOMEONE would call me , ask to speak with me personally and address my issues. I have nothing but the truth to share. Are you also afraid of the reality of truth in the state you supposedly represent?! But you continue to hide behind a bunch of free college workers who handle calls and your UNIMPORTANT MAIL. Get out in front of these issues that impact the lives of the people you are supposed to be helping survive. Sincerely Martin T. Folker 484-758-7794


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