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Your Turn: Should We Abolish the Senate and Publicly Fund Elections?
by Countable
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  • Richard
    Voted No

    I believe that we need take the senate back to the way the constityrion had it set up. It was originally set up where the state legislatures would appoint the two senators. They were not elected by popular vote. That really makes them beholden to the states they represent. The house was supposed to be the ones who looked out for the nation as a whole. As far as election go by eliminating the popular vote for senators they n longer would be kings of the walk. Remeber our founding fathers did everything to minimize the power of the federal government. As far as election being publicly financed I think that is a ridiculous idea. Why give the greedy coruupt professional polititions more money to fill their pockets with. Additionally their should be a maximum amount of money that can be used for any election. Make these limits be controlled by the nationwide popular voters. Forbid big money funding of any campaign fund, political party and individual candidates. The professional polititions have almost ruined America by their crooked tactics, lying and lelunate all big money contributions. By doing this we eliminate an easy way for big money/business to controll polititions and dictate America's policies. Maybe then polititions would go back to and honor their office pledges to work for America and not spend their time just to get reelected. The office oaths all contain a section that says they will obey and protect our constitution.


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