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The DC: Should the U.S. Invest in Energy Infrastructure for Allies, and... Should Congress Pay Its Interns and Staffers a ‘Living Wage’?
by Countable
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  • John

    The world is now an international market for goods, services AND Labor. Workers in Mexico work for $2 or less an hour on cars to keep car prices down. Union workers in the US make 10x or more than that amount. There is no way cars made in the US can compete with those made in Mexico. More evidence that a living wage is nice but not lines don’t flag their ships in the US because if they have to follow US labor laws they can’t make any money. Royal Caribbean does have one US flagged ship that hasn’t made a dime since it started. Proof positive that in a free market a “living wage” will put businesses OUT OF BUSINESS. That’s reality and all ignorant snowflakes simply need to accept it.

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