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4 Examples of George H.W. Bush’s Policy Legacy
by Countable
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  • Raymond
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    He was a difficult man to get a handle on. However I give him great credit for two things. He did not push on to Baghdad after Iraq was driven from Kuwait. Even though the media and the republicans really wanted him to he restrained from making the terrible mistake his son did. Secondly when the Berlin Wall fell there were many who wanted him to go to Germany and strut and show up the Russians, but years of long service as a diplomat and in intelligence taught him that Russians are proud and to do so may lead to war in what was already a terribly unstable time. I know his record on HIV and really anything domestic leaves much to be desired, but these two decisions, which cost him personally and politically and cost him the support of money men in his party, are worth remembering because they were humble and forward thinking. That deserves to be said, no matter what else he did or failed to do.


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