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USDA Recalls Beef: Time to Revisit Food Safety Regulation?
by Countable
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  • Mark

    Food & water are essential to life. With more produce being grown as GMO crap people are developing all kinds of allergies to their food. Finding organically grown food products is increasingly more difficult and expensive. Troops are increasingly exposed to more and more toxic chemicals (with me it was Agent Orange & other rainbow color chemicals spayed on or around us in Vietnam along with burn pits) that remain in our systems for the rest of our lives causing multiple maladies (I’ve got celiac disease, Parkinson’s and peripheral neuropathy along with other issues all related to my exposure in the military). Now I’m reading that almost everything we eat is infected with glyphosate. Fish are infested with plastic that becomes a part of the fish. We need to fix our food system soon or we’ll wipe ourselves out.

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