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The DC: Should the U.S. Invest in Energy Infrastructure for Allies, and... Should Congress Pay Its Interns and Staffers a ‘Living Wage’?
by Countable
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  • JDMA

    I don’t think we should mandate it. Internships are for experience and not money. I am open to a funded internship where there is dedicated housing and food vouchers for the interns. If your representatives want to pay their interns more it should come out of their budgets and not be supplemented by tax payers. I am already paying for my representatives to be fiscally responsible and I think they should make difficult decisions when evaluating staffing. Just keep in mind we are paying our representatives to work for us, not for them to ask us for more money (taxes) and pay others (interns) to do their job. Logically, you cannot pay everyone the same. Some people contribute more than others. Throwing more money at the problem isn’t the solution. Retain the staffers who contribute the most, cut the ones who are ineffective, and use their salaries to reward the retained staffers with better pay. Then let those staffers hire an allotted amount of interns who can help them accomplish the mission set for by the representatives. That is what we should do. I bet a lot of people will cry about the fact that not everyone is an equally contributor and deserves equal pay regardless of what they contribute.

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