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The DC: Should the U.S. Invest in Energy Infrastructure for Allies, and... Should Congress Pay Its Interns and Staffers a ‘Living Wage’?
by Countable
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  • Melvin

    Let’s take a minute to think about investing in an allies infrastructure. I thought about it and here’s my opinion, those idiots in DC, the ones that past a tax break for the wealthiest companies and persons in America are wondering if they should help other countries. Stop them from thinking, we need infrastructure and better schools for our children with pay raises for the most qualified teachers to improve our country. There’s really no way that the dumb party in power with the guy 45 at the helm, were not aware of the allies problem. They knew we have needs but cut the taxes so there goes the neighborhood. Fiery, as I can be about the tax break for those didn’t need a cut from 35%-21%. That’s why GM cut jobs. And now they the same idiots want to blame GM for leaving even though the tax break was a loop hole for any company to move.

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