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Would a Shark Fin Trade Ban Help or Hurt Sharks?
by Countable
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    We can continue to pass laws on everything and they will not address the root cause of the issues. There are specific groups of human beings that exploit every resource, every person, every ecosystem, anything and everything for profits and greed, regardless of considerations for life, or causing pollution, or health problems, or negative impacts to all of the above. If we can address the root cause of all of this, we can start living and stop expending all of our time and resources on stopping all of these negatives. The root cause may be Conservatism. It extends across all race, nationalities, religions, sex, and creed. It has no empathy, no compassion, no ethics, no morals. It only seeks benefits out for itself. Conservatism kills! Let’s save the planet and end Conservatism.

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