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Putin Threatens to Ramp Up Missile Development If U.S. Scraps Treaty
by Axios
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  • Richard

    I’m now firmly convinced that this app has attracted EVERY moron lefty liberal trump hating snowflake who must be overusing their medicinal marijuana. You IDIOTS wouldn’t last a day if some terrorist sets off a dirty nuke in a major US city. The EMP would wipeout your precious electronics for weeks if not months. Most, I suspect, will become victims to their fellow liberal who has realized he’s out of pop tarts and will harm if not kill to find food and water. Let alone the snowflakes who won’t be able to play their video games or whine about the important things in their life on Facebook like the color of their belly button lint. All while they’ll be starving to death waiting on all the free stuff Democraps will promise to provide. We need to stay strong so let’s just cancel the treaty and see if Russia and China give a Damn.

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