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Putin Threatens to Ramp Up Missile Development If U.S. Scraps Treaty
by Axios
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  • ProudAmerican

    I cannot BELIEVE how many stupid people there are on Countable. I am talking to the drooling idiots below me. The only Nation abiding by the INF Treaty is the United States. We are STILL following the weakling Obama’s Doctrine of wait and see. We can NOT simply ALLOW Russia to build nuclear capable missiles that blatantly violate the very Treaty you rejects are crying about. By threatening to withdraw from the INFT, one of three things is going to happen: A) Russia will simply continue to do what President Obama’s allowed it to do for at least the last eight years, and we will reciprocate by building missiles to defend the US and our Allies; B) Russia will concede and admit that they’ve been building nuclear capable missiles, and we will negotiate an ACTUAL WORKING agreement with them; or C) Russia will admit and concede, AND best case scenario is that we enter the 21st century and, like we should have a decade ago, enter into a nuclear ballistic missile treaty that works with Russia AND China, which must include a strong inspection regime. You liberals and leftists and Trump haters are so uneducated and hateful, I doubt any of you even have a high school diploma.

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