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4 Examples of George H.W. Bush’s Policy Legacy
by Countable
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    Bush’s legacy was a direct cause of some of the intractable problems that we are currently wrestling with. From the refugees seeking asylum on our southern border, fleeing the murderous chaos that is the outgrowth of the Contra’s death squads of the eighties, the trading of arms for hostages with our avowed enemy, Iran, (and failing to secure the freedom of the hostages), to setting the stage for the first Gulf War (by Ambassador Gillespie telling Saddam Hussein that the US had no position on his border dispute with Kuwait) and his use of the pardon to obstruct justice in the investigation of the Iran-Contra affair and head off the trial of Casper Weinberger ( at which he likely would have been called as a witness), the parallels to current events are striking. He accomplished some good (his support of the passage of the ADA and the fall of communism), but, on balance, I don’t believe his good outweighs the bad.

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