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4 Examples of George H.W. Bush’s Policy Legacy
by Countable
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  • Brandon
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    On AIDS: About 180,000 people died during the AIDS crisis. At best he was indifferent. He opposed needle exchanges. When he did speak, it wasn’t to call on Congress to aggressively legislate and fund legislation to stem the tide. Instead he scolded people saying “change your behavior.” On “war on drugs”: that time he held up a bag of cocaine on television - FABRICATED. He orchestrated and staged a drug deal near the White House to create the moral pretext to ramp up the war on drugs. Millions of people were incarcerated with the policy disproportionately affecting black and brown people. Communities were eviscerated. Many still are. In many ways, he accelerated the US into this new Jim Crow era. On Dishonesty and War: Bush told the American people Iraq invaded Kuwait without warning or provocation. He didn’t tell the American people that the US ambassador to Iraq at the time told Saddam Hussein the US had no opinion on Arab-Arab conflict. Then he said there was intelligence indicating massive amounts of Iraqi troops on the border- commercial satellite images showed no such thing. The intelligence had been fabricated. On obstruction of justice: Bush didn’t cooperate with the special counsel for the Iran-Contra affair. He even pardoned the former defense secretary BEFORE his perjury/obstruction trial.

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