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Do You Want House Democrats to Investigate the FCC and Net Neutrality?
by Countable
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  • Jeff
    Voted No

    Sure net neutrality sounds good, but in reality, to the people behind the Net Neutrality movement “neutral" means the government regulates the internet like a public utility—and that means bureaucrats making key decisions about how the internet is run. And that must never happen. The Federal Communications Commission—or FCC—under the Obama Administration, came up with Net Neutrality rules and regulations and IMPOSED them on consumers. No open hearings—they just did it! They “decided” out-of-hand that Internet Service Providers, or ISPs—AT&T, Verizon, and other companies that lay the cable that goes to your house—are basically monopolies like your typical utility company. To prevent “abuse” of this position, Net Neutrality rules prohibited them from charging websites different prices NO MATTER how much or how little bandwidth they use. But this is exactly the opposite of what utilities are allowed to do! (Electricity providers, for instance, are allowed to create pricing tiers—the more you use, the higher the price goes. If you use significantly more power than your neighbor, you pay more for the privilege. As it should be.) So, in conjunction with their summary decision, the Obama administration mounted a big PR campaign to convince the public to *back* the new regulations. And it worked. How could it fail with a name like “Net Neutrality”? They argued that without regulations, a very small number of companies—the ISPs—would wield enormous censorship powers. Our “free speech would be in jeopardy” of course. Ironically, the only companies that have been censoring content are many of the same ones that WANT Net Neutrality: Google, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter—the big users. Companies that, coincidentally, had a very close relationship with the Obama Administration. They are the ones censoring the free-speech of their users, if they do not line up with their partisan beliefs. So what little net neutrality we already saw, was horribly abused by these same bad actors. Unfair or bad-faith practices by ISPs, should they occur, can be addressed by existing anti-trust laws—as they always have. But all that followed the rollback decision was… Sky-is-falling hysteria. Authoritarianism USED to be when the government forced its will on the people. Now, according to Hollywood activists and the unhinged left, it’s when it doesn’t! Or, let’s put it another way: if you want the current—or any other—administration to control the internet, you’re *for* Net Neutrality. If you want the internet to REMAIN FREE of government meddling, you’re against it. And I am against it. Vehemently! “Net Neutrality” forces ISPs to charge all users the same price no matter how much data they send through the internet.

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